A new name. A new energy.
A new commitment to the cause.

The Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding, formerly IACP, is the voice for pharmacy compounding, advocating for thousands of pharmacists, technicians, students, researchers and suppliers.

We have a new name, to better reflect the range of pharmacy compounding professionals, prescribers and patients and products we represent.

We have a new energy, fueled by pharmacy compounders’ passion for their patients and the medications they create, and focused on strategies to assure patients can continue to access those medications.

And we have a new commitment — not only to our dues-paying members but to the entire pharmacy compounding profession — to lead, to influence, to speak, and to serve so that the practice of pharmacy compounding is not merely preserved, but is elevated as a key component of health care delivery for millions of patients across America.

Why compounding?

Compounding exists for patients and animals who are not served by traditional pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our members create custom medications that patients simply cannot get anywhere else.

Every day, our members play a critical, often life-or-death role in patients’ lives. They are valued members of the health care team, creating essential personalized medications for a range of issues, including autism, oncology, dermatology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, women’s health, and more.

More than 150,000 voices strong … and growing.

APC represents more than 150,000 patients and compounding practitioners including physicians, veterinarians, and nurse practitioners — through its ally grassroots organization, the Partnership for Personalized Prescriptions (P3).

APC is committed to ensuring the rights of physicians to prescribe, of pharmacists to prepare, and of patients to take personalized medication solutions to meet their unique health care needs.

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