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5 reasons you ought to be an APC member

Are you as concerned as we are about threats to compounding pharmacies?

Are you worried about FDA’s threat to limit cBHT compounding based on a deeply flawed NASEM study? Or how compounded medications for pets could get a lot more expensive because of the FDA’s draft GFI? Maybe you’ve been hit by the nationwide Tricare clawback and are having to spend money to fight it? Or maybe you ship medications to other states and worry that the FDA’s flawed MOU is about to wreck your business?

If so, you need APC, because these are some of the priority issues we’re fighting on for pharmacy compounders like you.

We’re stronger and more effective when you are our member. Join APC and let us be your advocate:



Read on for a list of great reasons to join your profession’s advocacy organization – and then JOIN US.

1. You add your voice to those of hundreds of other compounding pharmacists and technicians and strengthen our influence.

2. Your business gets a marketing boost via inclusion in our nationwide Compounding Pharmacy Locator, which gets more than 2,000 clicks per month.

Take a look where APC members live and work:

We’re the only association devoted solely to influencing legislation and regulation for the benefit of your patients and your compounding practice, and we get stuff done. Here’s a short list of issues we’re working on – issues that directly impact your livelihood as a pharmacy compounding professional:

You’ll find one-pagers on these issues and more under the Federal Advocacy tab.


3. You receive breaking news on policy and clinical issues impacting your business. See the latest here.

4. You gain access to the best compounding training resources and events in the professionat preferred members-only pricing. Here’s where you’ll find our education webinars, both upcoming and archived topics. And here’s info on our upcoming education conferences.

5. You’ll find members-only discounts on a range of products and services that more than cover the costs of your annual APC dues. Here’s a short list:


Why stand alone when you can stand with us?

Join the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding today. You can do it online here, or phone us 281-933-8400.